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SingLongsint Water purification procedures


The five-step purifying process integrates the functions of filtering and eliminating bacteria with the improvement of water structure and quality. The process serves well to get rid of harmful substances such as rust, silt, green algae, discolorations, odors, organic matter and residual chloride derivatives which result from polluted water sources, the aging tap water pipes and contaminated secondary water supply systems

SingLongSint its characteristics of purified water:

1) The water is Micro-molecular in form, active in nature, with stable oxygen content.

2) It contains right amount of mineral substances and trace elements such as lithium, strontium, zinc, iodine, phosphorus, germanium and molybdenum, etc.

3) Free from harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metal, coli bacillus and organic chemical particleschlorine etc.

4) Free from discolouration and odours and with appropriate hardness.

5) The purified water has pH value of 7.2 – 7.8, meeting the body’s requirement

Water Purifying Process & Functions of the filters:

SingLongSint water purifying appliances are specifically designed to be installed directly at the end of mains water supply networks to tackle the problem of polluted water resulting from secondary water supply, without any need to change water pipes. The systems combine the functions of filtering and water quality improvement. Water purified using SingLongSint  products are clean, safe and healthy, superior to tap water and pure water, which is beneficial for health. Moreover, its reliable and scientifically-developed system saves water and power.


  1st Stage: Initial filtering-Front-end Preliminary Treatment Filter Cartridge

This pre-treats the mains water to remove any particles of earth, sand or rust, or any foreign matter or colloids in suspension, thereby raising the cleanliness of the water.

  2nd Stage:Inhibit bacteria and adjust water structure-Bacteria control and improvement of water quality

Aging of the pipes and secondary water supply contamination can result in high levels of bacterial contamination in mains water. This filter cartridge absorbs such bacteria together with any substances causing discolouration and/or odour, any organic matter or residual chloride derivatives, and effectively inhibits the reproduction of bacteria within the filtration system.

3rd Stage: Filter out specified substances- Water Quality Improvement Filter Cartridge – Eliminating specific contaminants

This filter cartridge not only eliminates any remaining substances causing discolouration and/or odour, organic matter and residual chloride derivatives, it also filters out specific contaminants like ions of Calcium or Magnesium, further improving the quality of the water.

4th Stage: Filter out bacteria and heavy metal substances-Improve water quality-

 Cavity Ultra-Filtration Filter Cartridge

 Membrane separation

 The Cavity Ultra-Filtration Filter Cartridge removes microscopic matter in suspension, and any remaining colloids, bacteria and other residual substances, increasing the cleanliness of the water further. 

  5th Stage: Purified clean and healthy water-Improve of water

This prevents contamination of the purifying system by other means, to ensure that the water quality continues to be improved and to guarantee a continued supply of clean and safe drinking water.WP filter

Maintenance- regular replacement of filter cartridge:

In order to ensure the perfect functioning of the system and to guarantee the purity of the outlet water, the filter cartridge should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis following installation and use of the system. The intervals between cleaning or replacement is dependent on the quality of the source water and the quantity and composition and the foreign substances suspended in it. Frequency and extent of use also has a bearing on the intervals involved. Typical replacement intervals are given below, based on a usage of 10 L / day.

1. Front-end Pre-treatment Filter Cartridge         8-12 months

2. Bacteria-inhibiting Filter Cartridge                  12-24 months

3. Super Cavity Purification Filter Cartridge       12-24 months

4. Water Quality Improvement Filter Cartridge   24-36 months

5. Post-treatment Re-straining Filter Cartridge    18-24 months

SingLongSint end-user water purifying equipment:

SingLongSint end-user drinking water purifying systems can be used in homes, hotels, restaurants, factories, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cafes, bars, tea houses, exhibition halls, bus terminals, train stations, airports and on ships. They can also be used in laboratories, beauty salons and bathrooms. Furthermore, they are ideal for the improvement of drinking water in rural townships and villages. The preliminary water purifying equipments are used to eliminate particles of earth and sand, rust, substances in suspension, colloids, bacteria, algae and other pollutants in mains water, well water and surface water. It can be applied either separately or together with other water treatment devices. Water treated by this system is clean and ready to drink.

 1)    SingLongSint WP5R-10C-1320

End-user water purifying system – 10 inches filter.

The system purifies water for 120 litres per hour, it can be widely used in families,  offices, and various other work units. 


 2)  SingLongSint WP5R-10C-1320-DT 

Basic end-user water purifying system directly connected to drinking water tank, producing cool water. 

3)  Front-end pre-purification combined with end-user purification system

This installation is for purifying heavily polluted mains water, well water or surface water of high turbidity. Deepened purification lowers maintenance costs and optimizes cleanliness of water. 

4)  Purifying system for treating specified water

This system is used to purify water of special characteristics, such as highly hard water or water containing excessive amount of heavy metal particles, etc. The water softening device, used to weaken the hardness of water, is easy to operate and yields good effect.

SingLongSint conducts comprehensive analyses of water structure and quality before improving water quality in line with the relevant criteria for safe and healthy water. SingLongSint products are different from other water treatment devices and drinking machines currently on the market in terms of development, design and installation.

 5)  SingLongSint WP3R-10B-1320

Water pre-purification for washing or bathing purposes:

Purification of water for use in family bathroom, public washrooms, beauty salons, etc through eliminating particles of earth and sand, rust, substances in suspension and other contaminants, as well as purifies chlorine and softens water etc.

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新隆盛 终端净水器净化原理



1) 小分子团水,保持一定的含氧量,活性强。

2 ) 含适量矿物质和微量元素(如锂、锶、锌、碘、磷、锗、钼……等)

3) 不含有害物质(如细菌、大肠杆菌、热源、胶体有害化学物质、重金属及有机化学物质,等)

4) 无色无味,硬度适中

5) PH值为7.2-7.8弱碱,  酸碱度适中





第一级  前端预处理过滤


 第二级  细菌抑制与水质调节


第三级  特征污染物滤除



第四级  膜分离


第五级  水质改良


WP filter















1)      新隆盛WP5R-10C-1320


本机型出水量每小时120公升, 可广泛应用于家庭、办公厅,宾馆、酒店、机关、学校等

2)  新隆盛WP5R-10C-1320-DT


3) 前端预处理和终端净水器组合系统


4) 特殊水质净化系统





5) 新隆盛WP3R-10B-1320