SingLongsint Opening Special
一、 Promotion 优惠赠品

Half price for portable hot and cold water dispenser worth $300 with every purchase of a SingLongsint WP5R-10C-1320 superior healthy water purifier.


WP5R-10C-1320                        DT2T[1]



二、 Donation 捐助

SingLongsint will donate $20 from sale of every purifier to the Well N Happy Fund. The aim of the fund is to help poor children around the world to have healthy water. We hope to have your support.


三、Prize contest 网上征文比赛

Topic of contest: Why do I choose SingLongsint?


Please email your scripts to Closing date: 18-Jun-2007

请将文稿电邮至 活动截止日期: 2007年6月18日

Prizes 奖品: 1st Prize:SingLongsint1320-10 Superior Healthy Water Purifier


2nd Prize:SingLongsint1320-10 Bathing Water Purifier


3rd Prize:SingLongsint Hot & Cold Drinking Tank


* The decision of SingLongsint on all matters relating to or in connection with the contest shall be final. All prizes are non-transferable nor exchangeable for cash, credit or any other item.

Notice: 揭晓:

The first round of our prize contest was successfully concluded on 18 Jun 2007. After careful consideration, we have chosen 3 entries as our prize winners. We would like to congratulate Prof Wang, Ms Ho and Mdm Fan who are our prizes’ winner.

新龙盛的网上征文比赛已经于6月18日成功结束。经过仔细的审读,我们选出了3份优胜的投稿。 我们在此祝贺他们。

The winners are: 优胜者是:
First prize: Prof Wang Bao Fen ( Healthcare Consultant of Tung Lok RestaurantsLtd )
第一奖: 王宝芬教授 ( 同乐餐饮集团保健顾问 )

Second prize: Ms Ho Wai Yeng (ENGINEER)
第二奖: 何小姐(工程师) 参赛作品: Why do I choose SingLongsint

Third prize: Mdm Fan Lihua (Tuitor for higher Chinese)
第三奖: 樊丽华老师 ( 资深华文补习老师 )
参赛作品: 我喜欢新龙盛终端水处理机

四、Good news to Singaporean or PR 新加坡公民( 或永久居民 ) 好消息

Be a membership of TCC LTD (TCC LTD-Telecoms Credit Co-operative Ltd), which is open to Singaporean and PR, minimum monthly (at least 12 months) contribution of $10 into TCC saving account and earn an interest of 0.8% per annum, may apply for TCC installment plan for the purchase of SingLongsint WP5R-10C-1320 superior healthy water purifier at only 12 monthly $86.00 or 24 monthly $45.00.

若你是新加坡公民或永久居民,只以每月最低$10存入TCC储蓄户口(至少12期)并享有0.8% 的年利,就可成为TCC LTD的会员,同时可申请分期付款配套以每月$86(12期)或$45(24期)购买新龙盛WP5R-10C-1320饮用水终端净化系统。

五、Course & Free Trial 课程讲座与免费试水

Mr Tan Kie Yock (M. Chinese Med) will be giving a talk on “The link between kidney and drinking water”.

He will touch on the correct use of water so as to enhance health. Admission is S$8 per person, and is waived for kidney patients.

For those who are interested, kindly call in advanced to reserve your seats. Everyone who attends the talk is entitled to a free 3-month test of water by the SingLongsint superior healthy water purifier or test on pH value.

陈家旭医师(新加坡肾脏科中医医学硕士)将为新加坡龙盛堂主讲一课“肾脏与健康饮水”, 阐明如何正确选择用水, 有意出席者请来电报名。收费每人八元,病人免费。

出席者可选择参与免费三个月饮水试验或PH 酸碱值检测。