The Benefits Of SingLongSint Superior Healthy Water Purifier


The Benefits Of SingLongSint Superior Healthy Water Purifier

Laboratory report generated from Singapore Health Science Authority testing the tap water purified by SingLongSint  1320 water purifier shows that:

Test Item Results
Lead (Pb), mg/L Not Detected (<0.005)
Arsenic (As), mg/L Not Detected (<0.005)
Mercury (Hg), mg/L Not Detected (<0.001)
Copper (Cu ), mg/L Not Detected (<0.04)
Total Residual Chlorine, mg/L Not Detected (<0.1)
PH Value 7.2

The first benefit for using SingLongSint Superior Healthy Water Purifier is to prevent poisoning from harmful heavy metals.A1

Lead poisoning has adverse effects especially on children and pregnant women. These effects include learning disabilities, bodily disorders and mental behavioural problems. As the human body is unable to discharge the lead by natural means, it would continue to accumulate. The main effects of the toxicity of lead and its other compounds are: inhibiting the growth of red blood cells causing anemia; damaging the brain and vertebral; and kidney failure.

If the level of lead in the blood is above normal, children may suffer from decreased intelligence, and their IQ level may drop. For pregnant women, the growth and development of the embryo will be affected. It may lead to teratism, miscarriage, the newborn suffering from asthma or having development deficiencies. When too much lead remains in the various tissues of an adult, it may cause high blood pressure, stroke, or other heart-related diseases.

help childrenArsenic; its toxicity may be instantly fatal. It may bring about nephropathy and high blood pressure. It can destroy internal organs such as kidney, intestines and stomach and blood corpuscle, skeleton, nervous system, immunity system and genital system. Long term contact with arsenic and cadmium may separately cause dermatitis, liver cancer and carcinoma of prostate.

The daily amount of copper required by a normal adult is only two milligrams. It is insignificant comparing to 800 milligrams of calcium and 450 milligrams of magnesium needed. Too much intake is harmful to the body.Exposure to high levels of copper can cause stomach and intestinal distress, liver and kidney damage and complications of Wilson’s disease in genetically predisposed people.

Any form of mercury may be converted into virulent “methyl mercury (CH3Hg+)”. The methyl mercury is excreted slowly in the human body and is a cumulative toxicant. It mainly encroaches upon cerebrum and cerebellum cortex, easily causes a person to suffer from nervous disorder disease.

Generally, water processed at the treatment plant will have levels of heavy metals lower than the allowable standard. However, by the time the water reaches the end-user, the content of heavy metals will be 5 times or more compared to when it leaves the plant. This is usually cause by aging water pipes made of lead or the lead soldering tin used when new pipes are installed.

Protect our children for their healthy growth

Protect our children for their healthy growth

From this point of view, it can be seen that not only old houses need water purifiers, new houses should also have them installed to ensure that the supply of water is safe.

It is imperative that the water purifier one uses is able to remove the harmful chemical substances and heavy metals and at the same time retain minerals that are beneficial to the body.

Water purifiers using activated carbon may reduce irritating smell and peculiar taste of water. However, they have no remarkable effect in removing heavy metals.

Heavy metals are not detected in the water purified by the SingLongsint superior healthy water purifier. This protects our bodies from heavy metal poisoning.

The second benefit of SingLongsint Superior Healthy Water Purifier : eliminating a cause of cancer — chlorine:

Chlorine is used to sterilise water in most countries. Although it can eliminate communicable diseases such as cholera or typhus, it actually can create new problems. Besides the bad taste, it would also react with the chemical substances in the water to produce ‘ Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons ‘ (PAHS).

The main sources of these materials are usually tar or asphalt which are used to prevent corrosion inside the water pipe. They are suspected to have strong carcinogenic toxicity. European Union formulates the safe standard that every Litre of drinking water should not contain more than 200 ug of PAHS.

Eliminating chlorine in the water may prevent high PAHS index.

In addition, chlorine and organic material can react and form Trihalomethanes, which not only is carcinogenic, but can also destroy biological cell structure.

According to the report of “American Public health Periodical”, 9% of urinary bladder cancer patients and 15% of Rectal Cancer patients suffered from cancer after long term drinking of water that has been treated with chlorine.

The nitrate in water containing chlorine would be increased by 10 times after boiling for 10 minutes, and 10 times x 10 (100 times) after boiling for 10 minutes ×2.

The nitrate would interact with other chemical substances in the body and then form into nitrite, and produce carcinogen such as nitrosamine in the digestive tract.

A3BDrinking non-chlorine water is certainly beneficial to health.
Need for purifying bathing water, especially for infants:

Using polluted water to shower would cause the absorption rate of chemical substances to increase sharply. Heavy metals dissolve more easily in boiled water than cool water. Therefore, using purified water for bathing is a health consideration and not a luxury. This is especially important for babies and infants.

After a day of work, it is best to soak oneself in the bathtub to sooth the tired body; or at least soak the feet in warm water. Using natural essential oil helps to enhance the overall wellness. Using water purified by SingLongSint which is free from chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals, both adults and children can enjoy their baths without worries. This is also a strong consideration for businesses in the health-care industry to adopt this practice.

SingLongSint superior healthy water is reliable and tested by the relevant authorities.

Test Items Unit Water after adding standard Water after purifying Elimination Rate Requirement(%) Elimination Rate(%)
Volatile Phenol Mg/l 0.014 <0.002 ≥80 92.9
Chloroform ug/l 300 <0.5 ≥80 99.9
Carbon Tetrachloride ug/l 15 <0.1 ≥80 99.7

The development of cancer and other diseases have inevitably set people thinking about what we can do for our water source. Can we reduce the pollution of water source to the lowest?  For example, not to dump incinerate fungal-infected substances into sewage. On the other hand, may social organisations such as hotels, restaurants and schools play a more positive role by promoting and supplying healthy water?

SingLongSint superior healthy water purifier effectively eliminates organic substances in the water, especially chlorine and harmful heavy metals. The water can be drunk without boiling. In addition, one need not worry that after boiling, the water will have chemical reaction producing substances such as phenol, haloform, and carbon tetrachloride etc that cause mutation, malformation and cancer. Thus, one can enjoy the water from SingLongsint with a peace of mind.

The third benefit: SingLongSint, the only purifier with optimal pH level (7.2-7.8) that meets the needs of our blood and body fluids for their normal functioning.

PH Value EngWater that is mildly alkaline helps to neutralize acidic toxins, enhances the body’s healing ability, strengthens its resistance and helps to prevent osteoporosis.

A research by the medical department of Tokyo University tested the saliva of 600 cancer patients. It found that 90% of them are acidic, among which 85% displayed strong acidity with pH value below 5.8.

Acid is harmful to the body. At acidic pH of 6, crabs will die; at about pH 3-4, salmon and other types of fish are not able to survive.

The pH value of water purified by reverse osmosis method is meta-acidic. The Newater produced by the Singapore Public Utilities Board (PUB) utilises such a method. Of the total amount produced, 87% is used for industrial purposes while 13% are pumped into the reservoirs. The reservoir waters are then channeled to the water plant after 3-6 months for treatment before delivering to our tap. This shows that the Newater is not used for direct consumption because the meta-acidic pH of 5.9 is not beneficial to the body. At present, PUB stipulates that pH value of drinking water must be 7 and above.

Reverse osmosis water is mildly acidic, which is not suitable for the body’s sub alkaline physique. Drinking such water for a prolong period will accelerate calcium loss, and endanger the health, which is especially bad for children, pregnant woman, patients and elders.

When the blood and body fluid is acidic, the hypophysis will instruct the parathyroid gland to produce more hormones to release calcium ions from the skeleton calcium phosphate. As the calcium ions are alkaline, it will neutralize the acidity in the body fluids or blood, and enables the blood and body fluids to maintain at a level of pH7.3+/-0.05.

Only under such level can the human cells function and reproduce optimally. Metabolism will be high and the person will also be free from sickness.

Cola, a popular carbonated beverage which contains caffeine, is not a suitable substitute for drinking water. As it also contains sugar, protein and other flavourings and colourings, not only is it not able to replenish the water in one’s body, it will also reduce one’s appetite and affect digestion. This will lead to excessive amount of carbohydrates, increasing the blood pressure and cardiovascular burden.

Many offices use water dispensers with large bottles of water attached on them. The water found in these bottles is usually processed using reverse osmosis method. It is pure water, and is mildly acidic. It cannot provide the minerals and trace elements needed by the body, and would cause the body to turn acidic which is not beneficial for health. Moreover, after opening, the water will come into contact with air which may lead to bacteria growth.

Water produced by SingLongSint superior healthy water purifier with mildly alkaline pH of 7.2 to 7.8 is the best drinking water choice.

The forth benefit:  SingLongSint Superior Healthy Water Purifier eliminates 100% of bacteria and parasites.

According to statistics, there are 2221 kinds of chemical pollutants and 1441 kinds of toxic algae, bacteria, viruses found in the human wastes. These wastes have found their way into our water sources, causing their quality to deteriorate.

A test was conducted by microbiology professor Dr. Lee Yuan Kun from the National University of Singapore, using a sample of water with high bacteria concentration of E. coli (17,500CFU/100ml).

The said water was passed through the SingLongSint 1320 purifier. Results show that no bacteria were detected in the purified water:

Table:  High bacteria concentration (17,500 CFU/100mL) in the feed water
Time(minutes) Volume of water collected at the outlet of the water filter (ml) Concentration of E. coli in the reservoir (CFU/100ml) Concentration of E. coli in the water collected at the outlet of the water filter (CFU/100ml)
0 0 17,500 Not detected
5 5,500 540 Not detected
10 11,000 Not detected Not detected
20 21,900 Not detected Not detected
30 32,700 Not detected Not detected

Another test analyzed by the Singapore General Hospital shows that even after a 6-month usage without changing of filters, water purified by the SingLongsint  1320 system still easily exceed standards set by WHO or PUB. idea of drinking pure water, and points out that many cases of uremia are caused by drinking pure water.

Test Items Result WHO guidelines (2004) or PUB typical values
Turbidity (in NTU) 0.15 <5 (PUB)
PH value 7.6 7.0- 9.0 (PUB)
Residual Chlorine (Cl2, Total) <0.2 <2 (PUB)
Total Dissolved Solids 75.9 1000 max (WHO)
Total Hardness (CaCO3) 44.9 100 max (PUB)
Total Iron (Fe) <0.01 <0.04 (PUB)

Choose SingLongSint, To Keep Sickness Away, And Make Healthy Drinking Water Our Way of Life

      1)100% bacteria removal, which is especially beneficial to children for prevention of diseases related to the  hand, foot and mouth etc.

Free from harmful heavy metals, i.e. arsenic, lead, mercury and copper which could damage the human nervous system, especially of children’s.

      3)Free from chlorine to prevent cancer & kidney ailments.

      4)Able to remove bacteria as effectively as other reverse osmosis systems, yet at the same time ensuring good pH level of 7.2 to meet the needs of our blood and body fluids for their normal functioning. It is also able to preserve the necessary minerals in the water needed by the body to withstand the attack of illness.

      5)A pollutant discharge outlet is available for the discharge of water stored in the purifier. Thus, even after a long period of non-usage, clean and fresh water is readily available after flushing out the stale water.

      6)Low usage and filter replacement cost; does not need electricity to operate and unlike systems using reverse osmosis method, does not contribute to water wastage during the purification process. In addition, proper use of the discharge outlet may prolong the lifespan of filters.

WP filter

      7)Technical consultation and support will be provided for connection to most water tanks.


     8)Water quality is tested and certified by relevant Singapore authorities.

Make SingLongSint superior healthy water purifier your choice for safe and healthy drinking water!



新加坡卫生科学局检验使用 新隆盛-1320滤水器过滤自来水的化验报告:

检验 结果
铅 (即 Pb ), mg/L 未检测出(<0.005)
砷 (即 As), mg/L 未检测出(<0.005)
汞 (即Hg ), mg/L 未检测出(<0.001)
铜 (即Cu ), mg/L 未检测出(<0.04)
总余氯,  mg/L 未检测出(<0.1)
PH 酸碱值 7.2

  使用 新隆盛 优质健康水机第一好,免除人体遭受重金属的毒害。


血中含铅浓度过高,儿童智商受损,智力减退。孕妇中胎儿的发育与发展都有可能受到影响, 可能引致幼儿哮喘,发育受损或妇女怀畸胎和流产。普通成人体内各处组织残留过多的铅时,即可能导致高血压、中风、心脏疾病等问题。

help children砷毒:即砒霜, 砷经饮食而由消化道进入人体与体内酶分子中巯基结合,由此抑制酶的活性,使细胞代谢和呼吸作用受阻,扩张和增加毛血管渗透性,出现水肿。对人体可能引致肾病,高血压。对肾,肝,肠胃等内脏及血细胞,骨骼,神经系统,免疫系统,生殖系统等有破坏作用。慢性砷中毒症状是恶心、呕吐、疲劳、皮肤粘膜干燥炎症。还表现为末梢神经炎、皮肤色沉着、手掌和脚掌皮肤高度角化及皮肤癌等。该病又称为黑脚病。



任何形式的汞都可以转变成剧毒的“甲基汞(CH3Hg+)” ,甲基汞在人体内排泄缓慢,是蓄积性毒物。它主要侵犯大脑和小脑皮质部分,容易使人患神经紊乱性的疾病。



Protect our children for their healthy growth

Protect our children for their healthy growth



新隆盛滤水系统在重金属指数上检测不出, 或达标合格, 免除人体遭受重金属的毒害。


多数国家以氯来杀菌。它虽然能让霍乱或伤寒等传染病失踪,但它本身却会造成新的问题。除了难喝,还会与水中的化学物质结合作用,进而产生‘多环芳香烃化合物’(PAHS) 。

人类癌症病中,在已经发现的400多种致癌物质中,毒性最强的一种是3,4苯并芘(BQP)。它是多环芳烃化合物,主要存在于煤,石油,焦油和沥青中。汽车每驶一小时,排气中含0.3毫克3,4苯并芘,油煎烧焦的鱼肉、香烟都含有苯并芘 (一支香烟有0.044微克的3,4苯并芘)。





有氯水煮10分钟硝酸盐增加10倍, 煮10×2分钟硝酸盐增加10的平方倍=100倍指数。



A3B 用无氯水泡澡对健康有益,尤对婴幼儿:


工作完毕,全身沐浴;能做泡浴最好,消除疲劳,保持健康;或至少以温水浸泡足部。用天然的香精油数滴给身体吸收,有益身心健康。泡浴足浴用已去氯去菌去重金属害的新龙盛优质健康水伺候,大人与婴孩同, 则无后顾之忧。保健业者 更应要求有这样的配套服务。


检验项目 单位 加标后水 过滤后水 去除率要求(%) 去除率(%)
挥发性酚 Mg/l 0.014 <0.002 ≥80 92.9
三氯甲烷 ug/l 300 <0.5 ≥80 99.9
四氯化碳 ug/l 15 <0.1 ≥80 99.7




新隆盛优质健康水机有效地滤除了水中的有机物, 尤其氯与有害的重金属,不煮沸也可以饮用,不怕致癌,尤其骨癌和胃癌; 此外,不必担心这水烹调加热后会起变化而产生‘三致’物质(致突变,致突畸,致癌),如酚,三卤甲烷,四氯化碳等, 因此喝得安心,用得安心

第三好:新隆盛, 最佳酸碱值(7.2 mg/l ) 优质健康水机, 满足正常的人体血液与体液水平。避免骨质疏松,保留人体所需的矿物质,预防疾病侵袭。


PH Value根据东京大学医学部的研究,测定六百名癌患唾液的酸碱性:结果90%是酸性,其中的85%,其PH值是在5.8以下的强酸性体液。

酸性对人体有害。当酸值为6时,螃蟹死亡; 酸值4/3时鲑鱼/鱼类难以生存。

用逆渗透系统开发的过滤水机, PH 酸碱值偏酸性。新加坡政府推行的逆渗透水新生水,87%运用于工业上,13%注入蓄水池,3-6个月后才引入自来水厂处理,也不支持直接饮用, 因PH 酸碱值5.9, 偏酸性, 不利人体健康。新加坡水务局目前对饮用水pH酸碱值的要求也是7 以上。

逆渗透水PH值偏酸性,不合人体微碱性体质,不合人们直饮。长期饮用还会增加钙的流失,危害健康, 不利儿童,孕妇, 病人与老年人。




目前全世界约2亿人患上骨质疏松,其发病率已跃居常见( 多发) 病的第7位。据世界卫生组织的资料显示,骨质疏松症是一个全球性的健康问题,严重性仅次于心血管病; 医学研究显示得知,50岁的女士因股骨骨折致死的机会与由乳癌致死的相同。在新加坡,至少有4%至8%的人口患有骨性关节炎。60岁以上的人,大部分都患有骨性关节炎,而且病人有越来越年轻的趋势。30%髋骨骨折的病人,平均在1年后去世,这是非常惊人的数字。

新隆盛优质健康水之PH 7.2微碱性的水质为饮用水最佳水之水质。



关于大肠桿菌( E. coli ) :




下表由新加坡大学医学院微生物系李元昆教授进行以32,700毫升水对具有高浓度大肠杆菌(17,500 CFU/100ml) 的检测,其通过新龙盛优质健康水过滤系统之后未检测出细菌。

表:  给水中的高细菌浓度 (17,500 CFU/100mL)

时间(分钟) 滤水器出口收集的水量( ml ) 水库中的大肠杆菌的浓度(CFU/100ml) 滤水器出口收集的水中大肠杆菌的浓度  (CFU/100ml)
0 0 17,500 未检测出
5 5,500 540 未检测出
10 11,000 未检测出 未检测出
20 21,900 未检测出 未检测出
30 32,700 未检测出 未检测出

此 检测显示新隆盛优质健康水过滤系统可预防诸如大肠杆菌,口腔,足部和手部等方面的疾病,有利于身体健康,尤其是儿童和老人。



新隆盛滤水系统达标合格, 而且水质微碱最佳!

另一项新加坡中央医院的检验如下,检测证明了在还没有换过滤芯的情况下, 一台用了6个月的新隆盛1320滤水系统仍能保持优良的水质, 甚至超越当局所定的标准。

检验项目 检验结果 世界卫生组织(WHO) (2004)或新加坡公用事业局(PUB)水质 标准
混浊度 (in NTU) 0.15 <5 (PUB)
PH 酸碱值 7.6 7.0- 9.0 (PUB)
余氯(Cl2, 总) < 0.2 <2 (PUB)
溶解性总固体 75.9 1000 max (WHO)
总硬度 (以CaCO3碳酸钙计) 44.9 100 max (PUB)
铁(Fe) <0.01 <0.04 (PUB)


1)   100%细菌滤除,有利于人们,尤其是儿童抵抗疾病如口腔,四肢的疾病。


2)   不含有害重金属砷、铅、汞和铜,避免损害人们尤其是儿童的神经系统。

3)   不含氯气,防止癌症和肾脏疾病。

4)   非逆渗透的过滤系统,唯一的最佳酸碱值(7.2)的基础 ,满足正常的人体血液与体液水平,但保留身体生长所必需的矿物质,为人类提供强健的体质,预防疾病侵袭。

 5) 备有清洗管道,可去除储备水,远行归来, 可以获取最新鲜优质健康水质;

6)  节能节水以及低廉的过滤芯置换费;清洗管道的妥善使用也能延长滤芯的使用期


 7)   能够灵活地与许多饮用水箱相连接,提供技术支援。


 8)   滤水器系统经新加坡权威机构检测与认证