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WP5RP-10C-SLS1680 直饮洁净水 Home & Office water Purifying System

SingLongSint 1680

A superior system ensures purified water for direct drinking. It is effective in eliminating heavy metals e.g. lead, mercury, arsenic and copper as well as bacteria. It has the right pH level as required by human body. A clean and healthy naturally sweet & fresh quality water that is safe for your young children and parents. Our body organs and brain need sufficient quality water to grow better and be healthy. SingLongSint water is not ordinary bottled drink water that you can buy off the shelf in the market like pure and distilled water or soft drink.

It shall be your ONLY Choice Once you Tasted it.

SingLongSint system not only purify the source water but also improve its quality on the basic of the specific characteristics of the water supply ensuring a tailor-made process, to provide an even BETTER, CLEANER, SAFER and HEALTHIER water for direct drinking.

盛 1680 –


尝过新盛, 不喝别家水。


WP5RP-10C-SLS1680 case 直饮洁净水 Home & Office water Purifying System


A healthy naturally sweet & fresh quality water specially designed for you & your family

Advantages of the system

Our body organs and brain need sufficient quality water to grow better and healthier. This system is effective in removing suspended particles such as silt, sediments, cysts (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), sand, rust and dirt. Also it eliminates heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, copper, chromium and cadmium; Removes Chloramine & Chlorine and, most importantly, effectively remove bacteria 100%. Furthermore, it balances the pH level needed for the human body.

Water processed through the SingLongSint 5RP-10C-SLS1680 Purification System produces a safe & freshly purified drinking water, which one can drink directly without the need of boiling it.

The SingLongSint product has been researched and designed in Singapore.

The SingLongSint 5RP-10C-SLS1680 Water Purification System comes with a total of 9 filters. It is a unique system which ensures safe purified water for direct drinking from the tap.

Over the past ten years, it has been exciting to watch the company grow based on its experience to conduct studies and tests of the technology in Singapore. Our company has since emerged as the one of the leading companies in the industry of water purification. From Year 2005 when the company was established till now, we have always been able to maintain the high quality of our product. For this reason we are willing to contribute in this area and provide people with healthy water. Designed Environmentally friendly the SinglongSint 5RP-10C-SLS1680 Water Purifying System does not need electricity to operate, and has no water wastage. Both during the purification process and cleansing of the system’s discharge outlet. This results in prolonging the lifespan of filters.


人体五脏及脑部充盈足量好水能帮助身体成长与健康。这个系统可以有效地滤除各种淤泥、粉砂、沉淀物、贾第虫隐孢子虫、沙粒、铁锈、尘埃; 有效滤除铅、水银(汞)、砷、铜、铬、镉等各种对人体有害的重金属;它滤除氯也1 0 0%滤除细菌,并帮助人体吸收到最佳微碱值的食水。

经新隆盛5RP – 1 0 C – S L S1680滤水系统处理了的水是安全键康及味鲜清甜的洁净水,无需煮沸即可饮用。


新隆盛5RP – 1 0 C – S L S1680洁净水系统,具有九个独特滤芯,确保使用者可以饮用到安全键康及味鲜清甜的洁净水食水。过去十年,历史见证了我们公司在新加坡进行研究及通过新加坡有关当局的各项测试,这也让我们公司晋升为食水净化行业中的科技公司之一 。




Content for 《5RP-10C-SLS1680洁净水系统》 简介 :

1 )   The SingLongSint 5RP-10C-SLS1680 Water Purifying System Technical Parameters.

Water Pressure requirement : 0.1-0.3 Mpa
Water expected temperature : 5 – 40” C
Water flowing rate for purified water: 2L/Minute
Weight :
A. 6. 5 Kg (with casing)
B. 6 Kg  (with stand )
C. 5 Kg (only Purifying System )
Price :
A) WPS-5Rp-10C-SLS-1680Case: S$ 1990.
B) WPS-5Rp-10C-SLS-1680L: S$ 1720.
C) WPS-5Rp-10C-SLS-1680: S$ 1680.

 2.   Guidelines for the replacement of filter cartridges for purifier SLS1680

2.1) The life span of our filters in purifying for water is for 10,000 litres. This can be understood in the following manner:
If one uses the system for 10,000 litres per day, it equals the number of days after which the filters must be exchanged.
2.2) There is a transparent housing designed for the 1st filter so one can see if the filter is dirty. It will show the incoming water condition and if the filters need to be replaced.
2.3) Water quality will determine the life span of the filters. Thus, you can decide when is the best time to change them or you can follow the recommendations made here.
1) SLS 1680256
2) SLS 1680125
3) SLS 1680136
4) SLS 1680004 – When needed

3.   SingLongSint Filters sets and changing schedules :

3.1) Set 1:

Emergency spare set SLS 1680256

F2 , F5 and F5p are spare filters for emergency use. These filters are not for sale individually.

Price: S$ 360.00

3.2) Set 2:

SingLongSint Filters set SLS 1680125
This is a kind of 3 in 1 filters formed by F1, F2 plus F5 filters:-
Its 1 Micron (um) Polypropylene filter is effective for removal of sand, silt dirt and rust particles and the solid COCONUT Shell Carbon Cartridge and others remove taste, odour, Chlorine and as well as heavy metal of sulfide, lead, mercury, copper, chromium and cadmium and as well as bacteria.

Price S$340.00:

3.3) Sets 3:

Filters set SLS 1680136

A type of 3–in-1 filters set formed by F1, F3 plus F5p not only removal of sand, silt dirt amd rust particles, the natural coconut shell carbon block with Nano Silver further removes Chlorine, taste, odour, and as well as bacteria. It also protects the system from reproduction of bacteria within the system and there is extra protection for dirt if any break or leak from the filters.

Price S$340.00:

3.4) Set 4

Filter SLS 1680004

An Ultra-filtration (UF) Membrane system:
The water that runs from the first to the third filter, with deal with the bigger particles larger than one micron are readily purified. And as a further prevention, there is a 4th filter. The 4th filter rejects particles in the range of 0.01 micron to 0.001 micron where their particles are larger than 0.01 micron. This will further improve the quality of water.

Price : S$ 360.00

3.5) Charge of cleansing for the filters housings and filter 4th when replacing of filter sets:

SLS 1680125: S$ 68.00
SLS 1680136: S$ 68.00
SLS 1680004: S$ 38.00.

1. 新隆盛5RP-10C-SLS1680洁净水系统技术规范:

水压规格: 0.1-0.3 Mpa
温度规格: 5 – 40” C
过 滤水流速度: 2L/Minute / 每分钟两公升
六. 五公斤 (with casing / 附外箱)
六公斤 (with stand / 附脚架)
五公斤 (only Purifying System / 纯系统)

A) WPS-5Rp-10C-SLS-1680Case: S$ 1990.
B) WPS-5Rp-10C-SLS-1680L: S$ 1720.
C) WPS-5Rp-10C-SLS-1680: S$ 1680.

2.  更换新隆盛5RP-10C-SLS1680 洁净水系统 滤芯的维修规范:

2.1)  我们的滤芯寿命期限以一万公升水为准,参考以下方程式:

【一万公升的食水】 除于【 每日过滤及消耗的容量】=【 滤芯使用天数】

2.2)  我们设计 第一个滤芯外壳为 透明, 方便使用者用肉眼查看滤芯是否沾上太多沉淀物或泥沙, 也可以明显看到内流的食水情况及滤芯运作详情。

2.3)  进水的品 质将 影响滤芯 的寿命期限, 使 用者可依此决定是否提前或延后更换滤芯的日期, 依序如下:

1) SLS 1680256
2) SLS 1680125
3) SLS 1680136
4) SLS 1680004 –  若有需要。

3.  更换新隆盛洁净水系统滤芯的建议:


紧急备用系列 :SLS 1680256

F2 , F5 及 F5p 是特为紧急备用而设立的滤芯, 不另行销售。
Price / 价格: S$ 360.00

3.2) 第二套:

新隆盛SLS 1680125 替代滤芯配套
这是一个由F1, F2 及F5 组成的三合一替代滤芯配套:
这是一个一微米厚度的聚丙烯滤芯,它非常有效地滤除各种淤泥;粉砂;沉淀物;贾第虫隐孢子虫;沙粒;铁锈;尘埃。 它附有椰壳活性炭,可以有效地消除异味及臭味,滤除氯化物。它也可以有效滤除 铅;水银 (汞);砷;铜;铬;鎘 等各种对人体有害的重金属及细菌。
Price / 价格S$340.00:

3.3)  第三套:
Filters set SLS 1680136
这是一个由F1, F3 及F5p 组成的三合一替代滤芯配套, 它不只有效地滤除各种淤泥;粉砂;沉淀物;贾第虫隐孢子虫;沙粒;铁锈及尘埃,它的天然椰壳活性炭及纳米银产生双层净化功能, 更加有效地滤除氯化物,异味,臭味以及有害细菌。 它也能确保细菌不能在滤芯里面繁殖, 也能在损坏及漏失时加强防止尘埃淤泥侵入。

3.4)  第四套
Filter SLS 1680004
当食水流过第一,第二以至第三个滤芯时,超过一个微米大小的物质已经被滤除了,这第四个滤芯就会负起滤除介于0.01 微米 至 0.001 微米的细小尘埃淤泥及细菌 , 进而净化其为优质洁净水。
价格: S$ 360.00

3.5)  清洗第四支滤芯及其他滤芯套间, 收费如下:
SLS 1680125: S$ 68.00
SLS 1680136: S$ 68.00
SLS 1680004: S$ 38.00.

4. Certificates reference 品质证书参阅